[Dead Oceans; 2012]

The Tallest Man on Earth needs little in the way of an introduction: Kristian Matsson is one of Sweden’s most prolific modern folk musicians, and his two critically acclaimed albums thus far have been heart-wrenching journeys of memorable song-writing and lyrical genius. Matsson is returning later in the year with his third album, There’s No Leaving Now, from which the first single “1904” indicates good things to come. Ever the distinctive voice, Matsson’s music has always been expressive and emotive, and “1904” is no exception; with a surprisingly optimistic energy throughout, it shows a lighter side to his music.

The song is produced to a higher quality than his first LP, Shallow Grave, and there’s a nice depth to the music that results in a denser sound overall. Between his usual accomplished guitar picking, Matsson also adopts an interesting falsetto with his vocals at select points in the track, which are a pleasant surprise once you get used to them. “1904” has a sunny vibe to it, straying into the sentimental only during the choruses, and shows that The Tallest Man on Earth still has plenty of lovely folk songs left in him. Business as usual, then.

MP3: The Tallest Man on Earth – “1904”