Track Review: Sølyst – “Pierbourg”

[Bureau B; 2013]

Here’s some krautrock dub from German drummer Thomas Klein. There’s a menacing streak running underneath this music, not unlike the recent Haxan Cloak stuff, but this time with a stuttering glam-rock confidence and a hypnotic obsession with tribal percussive structures. Think Umberto taking peyote with Steve Roach and then partying with Aboriginal desert people, if that makes sense. It probably doesn’t. But still, “Pierbourg” chugs along in stops and starts, seven minutes of shakers and foreboding synths and seventh-inning-stretch rhythms. It’s like a “Welcome!” balloon tied to a “Keep Out” sign or a beckoning light flickering at the end of a dark alley. You’re in danger here, but the music’s so enticing…

Lead is out now on Bureau B.