[Self-released; 2011]

Take two of this year’s most talked about artists in their respective genres; add in a multitude of autotune and pull in a slightly predictable instrumental and you’ve got James Blake and Bon Iver’s “Fall Creek Boys Choir.” This clash of the crooning titans resides comfortably on the fence between emotional outpour and manufactured mess. With texturally layered vocals, it’s hard to understand as the lyrics get lost in a sea of autotune but no one’s complaining. Although it starts off with a strangely eerie beginning, “Fall Creek Boys Choir” builds up triumphantly, using autotune the Kanye West way (i.e. the only right way).

Since a collaboration between Blake and Bon Iver was confirmed, people waited eagerly for the track to surface and it’s definitely worth the wait. With droning synth undertones, sharp drum machine beats and distinguishable vocals, “Fall Creek Boys Choir” blends both artists’ trademark components and creates a happy medium between the two. Thoroughly enjoyable listening for the cold mornings and even colder nights ahead, this is like the warm glow from the fireplace when it’s been raining heavily outside. With an already overwhelmingly positive reaction to the track; this super collaboration should continue to bloom into a full length as there is no question that it would even make the most emotionless person ever tear up.