[PMR; 2013]

There are a number of parallels to draw between UK groups Disclosure and AlunaGeorge, especially given the building buzz surrounding each group due to the promise of their respective upcoming LPs. Perhaps most prominently though, they’re both party to a subtle generational shift in UK dance music, reinventing pop, R&B, house, and garage from a couple decades ago into precise and singular forward-thinking sounds. All that’s to say, a collaboration between the brothers Lawrence and AlunaGeorge vocalist, Aluna Francis, makes a whole lot of sense. And it helps that the best of what both groups have to offer is on full display here with “White Noise.” Disclosure keep their marble-shined production tricks tethered, letting a razor sharp staccato synth melody cement things before Francis slides in with her smokey, watching-from-afar alto. The brothers stop at a reverberating bridge, stretching the track into a widescreen wash of vocals and synths before letting the gorgeous chorus snap into place with Francis going full throttle. Disclosure and Francis are a perfect match and “White Noise” is just as (if not more) promising as last year’s “Latch.”

“White Noise” will be out on February 17th via PMR