[Drag City; 2012]

In the seven years since their last album Cinder, the members of Dirty Three have kept busy playing with artists such as Cat Power, PJ Harvey, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, and the recently disbanded Grinderman, but on February 28th, the Australian instrumental trio returns with Toward the Low Sun. Like Cinder before it, “Rising Below” showcases Dirty Three’s signature blend of post-rock dynamics with a folksy warmth. On “Rising Below”, a jazzy vibe meanders into delicate, string-laden opulence, until everything joins forces to unleash a drum-pummeling, violin-sawing thunder of a crescendo. If “Rising Below” offers a glimpse at what Toward the Low Sun has to offer, then Dirty Three’s return to form will offer quite the resolution of almost a decade of tension rising and ebbing.

Dirty Three – “Rising Below” by CHARTattack