Knot In My heart

Even though The Zola’s sophomore album, Ancient Mars, is so many months old that its release date is closer to last Christmas than it is to this present time, it still has the ability let its most infectious earworms play out in your head. “Knot In My Heart” is one such number, and arguably the best track from the album, and we here at Beats Per Minute are happy to premiere a brand new remix of the track by Nacey. Upon first listen you might rightfully wonder where The Zolas are in the picture as gloopy arpeggios dawdle about some tribal chants, but before long a familiar guitar strum lights up the room like a flash of lightening before making room for lead singer Zachary Gray.

But even with familiar elements on show, Nacey still manages to make “Knot In My Heart” sound like something else. When the woozy synths starts playing out over the aforementioned arpeggios, it sounds like something that you’d come across in a DJ’s setlist at an underground club rather than something caught up in a nervous, tense walking-down-an-alley-at-midnight feel. This reviewer isn’t able to honestly say he likes the remix better than the original, but it sure as hell wants me spin Ancient Mars again. Have a listen to the Nacey remix of “Knot In My Heart” below.