The Tins

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, indie rock trio The Tins craft meticulously layered songs, spilling over with ear-wagging hooks and churning post-punk guitar riffs.  Their self-released debut LP, Life’s A Gas, came out in October of last year, and the band has been out on the road in continued support of the record ever since.  Produced by Joe Blaney (Modest Mouse), the album mixes the sounds of early 90’s indie rock with the catchy, pop/rock tendencies of mid 70’s FM radio, together with a healthy dose of energetic punk fervor.

Recently the band turned over Life’s A Gas-cut “Please Be Kind” to producer Vidali (who has previously remixed “Subtle Rattle” from the band).  Rather than completely dissecting and rearranging the component parts of the track, he allows this indie/dance rock hybrid aesthetic to breathe and wrap around an elastic beat, which acts as the binding to hold each part in its proper place.   Pairing the original song’s sinewy guitars and resilient percussion with glossy electronic production, Vidali chooses to reinforce the song’s inherent pop sheen, allowing the band’s honeyed melody to shine throughout the track.  Faint echoes of synth squelches and flexible bass filter among the instrumentation, allowing the production flourishes a chance to shine without detracting from the original song’s charming indie rock façade.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere Vidali’s remix of “Please Be Kind” by The Tins.