The Slasher Film Festival Strategy - Forced Entry

South Carolina native Christopher Ashley has been making music in a string of bands for over 15 years.  He helped to advance the hardcore  genre in the South through bands like Murder Weapon, Index For Potential Suicide, The Disease, and Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul and spent those years bouncing around from one independent label to the next.  But Ashley’s latest band The Slasher Film Festival Strategy doesn’t adhere to one particular set of musical rules; it combines the techniques and sounds of drone, hardcore, and noise rock together into some industrial mixture of repeating tones and beats.  The dark ambient drones and rhythms that slather themselves across Wet Leather–the latest release from TSFFS due out shortly from Mirror Universe–lay claim to the idea that genres can be stacked and rearranged together to form the basis of entirely new musical expressions.

Ashley has just released the latest song from TSFFS, and with its the minimalist synth and beat structure, “Forced Entry” feels indebted to the jagged melodies of early industrialists like Pop Will Eat Itself and Prick–through his reverence for more recent bands like Nine Inch Nails and Boards of Canada can absolutely be felt and heard in this track.  Weaving ever-present layers of tension and hesitation on top of the deceptively simple instrumentation,  this track seems destined to soundtrack the late night hours spent on some lost highway, with just the starless night and a shrouded moon for company.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the new song “Forced Entry” from The Slasher Film Festival Strategy’s upcoming record Wet Leather.