Speedwell - Start To Finish

DC area pop/punk band Speedwell called it quits back in 2003–and before that, in 1998. But the origins of the band lay in 1996, when Meredith Bragg, Troy Farmer, and Jonathan Roth first got together and started playing music. They recorded a 7” for Sport and shortly thereafter added Brian Minter to the lineup and set about touring the southeastern US with fellow rockers Engine Down. But for various reasons, the band decided to disband in ’96 and go their separate ways. Realizing that they all missed the music, the band came back together in 2000 and recorded an EP for Engineer Records. After adding yet one more member to the band, Cheryl Huber, they once again set out to tour the eastern US with Metropolitan. In a case of unanticipated déjà vu, the band disbanded again in 2003 after a bout of lengthy touring—though from the ashes of the band rose The Terminals and solo work for Meredith Bragg.

And here we are, some 10 years later with the news of an upcoming release for Coolidge Records that compiles their entire recorded output (plus some unreleased tracks)—all of which has been remastered—and is due out July 16th. The new album will be called Start To Finish, and you can check out the album artwork above. The first track to be released from the album is “Calling On Columbia Pike,” and between its memorable keyboard intro and lightning fast guitar licks, it is a perfect introduction to the band. Sung by bassist Minter, the track is all whirling pop fury and punk attitude—roaring past like an out of control steam locomotive, barely managing to stay on the rails.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the first track, “Calling On Columbia Pike,” from Speedwell’s upcoming compilation Start To Finish.