sink sink

New Zealand-based sink\sink (pronounced “sink backslash sink”) tread the murky ground between the dark recesses of 90’s shoegaze, experimental drone, and the more traditional tendencies of modern indie rock.  Having released their debut EP Center Folds in 2011 and their debut LP The Darkest Dark Goes in April of the following year (not to mention their supporting Mojave EP), sink\sink have just released their sophomore record A Lone Cloudburst on Already Dead Tapes.  Combining influences from artists such as My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus & Mary Chain, and Sigur Ros, the songs on A Lone Cloudburst twist and ripple with an undercurrent of unpredictability and musical subtlety.

The latest track from sink\sink comes in the form of “Submerged,” an amalgamation of buried distortion, singer Ylva Krantz’s ephemeral voice, and a wash of densely layered instrumentation.  Opening with a salvo of My Bloody Valentine-esque hiss and grit before slowly morphing into thick cello and acoustic guitar notes, the track seems intent on waving as many influences in front of our faces as possible–and that is definitely a good thing.  When you can subvert and combine sounds and genres as well as sink\sink can, I think you’re allowed to show off a bit.

Beats Per Minute is proud to premiere the latest track “Submerged” from sink\sink off their recently released sophomore record A Lone Cloudburst.