Seven Saturdays

Combining a sense of wide-eyed musical exploration with the structured vision of a veteran producer, Jonathan D. Haskell (aka the main man behind Los Angeles-based Seven Saturdays) has created, with his latest record, an intensely personal and affecting document of how he views his hometown.  Laced with creative and unexpected arrangements and actual vocals–which is something new for the producer–Haskell has merged his ambient tendencies with a more ordered approach to make Seven Saturdays stand out even within his own discography.   It doesn’t hurt that he has invited some of indie music’s most accomplished musicians to help fill out some of the parts in the songs.  Artists such as Colin Stetson, Daniel Ferris (St. Vincent), and Mike Garson (David Bowie)–among a slew of others–lend their own unique musical voices to an already diverse selection of sounds.

The latest track from the album, “Dreamboat,” is all swirling synths and atmospheric turbulence.  Jim Evens’ vocals stand out clearly among the cacophonous mass of instruments and spacious arrangements.  It’s difficult to pinpoint any one influence as taking the lead, but this track has pronounced hints of late 80’s dream pop coupled with somber early 90’s shoegaze– and of course, he doesn’t let his electronic proclivities stray very far, as the whole track is run through what sounds like a marathon of filters and compression.  Seeming to grow wider and deeper the longer you listen to it, “Dreamboat” never stops moving outward with what seems to be a singular intent to envelope everything in its path.

Beats Per Minute is proud to premiere the latest track “Dreamboat” from Seven Saturdays’ recently released self-titled LP.