Mezzanine Swimmers

New York-based experimentalists Mezzanine Swimmers have just released their latest album of noise fractured songs on Already Dead Tapes.  Cougar Opaque finds the band combining noise rock, old-school techno, and harsh thudding beats into a cacophonous rush of disparate, though strangely melodic, sounds and tones.  Filtered through layers of heavy distortion, Cougar Opaque is all viscous rhythms and grainy textures.  There’s something inherently fascinating about hearing and following all the jagged peaks and valleys that criss-cross the songs like broken railway tracks.

The latest track to be released from the album, “Tech School Comeback,” twists industrial thuds and rough-hewn rhythms  around swirls of often unidentifiable scraps of percussion and hazy vocals–giving the effect of staring too deeply for too long at a Dali painting.  Everything slides to the periphery and your focus softens until everything washes over you in a wave of simultaneous sensation.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere “Tech School Comeback” from Mezzanine Swimmers’ latest release Cougar Opaque.