Junior Astronomers

Charlotte, NC  rockers Junior Astronomers are set to release their debut LP, Dead Nostalgia, on July 23rd via Broken Circles Records.  Having already recorded a handful of EP’s over the past few years, the band brought on producer Kris Hillbert to man the boards for their debut full-length.  Combing through the thickly, rhythmic aesthetic of their earlier material, Hillbert and the band fashioned a set of songs that were fiercer and more concise–and felt indebted to punk pioneers like The Stooges and MC5.  But the songs also feel drawn from more recent, melodic hardcore bands like At The Drive-In and The Blood Brothers.  This seamless integration of modern and traditional punk values gives Junior Astronomers’ music a sense of standing outside of the genres which birthed them, of feeling apart of and separate from their influences.

The band has recently released the latest single from Dead Nostalgia, the frenetic and slightly unhinged “Lisalla.” Pairing singer Terrence Richard’s feral vocals with a rhythm section that could tear down mountains, Junior Astronomers spike the song with a proto-punk vitriol that feels reminiscent of Television’s Marquee Moon or Go Girl Crazy by The Dictators.  The band shears away all artifice and is left with a savage churn that comes charging straight out of the speakers, delivering a well-deserved gut punch to their modern rock peers.

Beats Per Minute is pleased to premiere the latest track, “Lisalla,” from Junior Astronomers’ upcoming debut LP.