Top 10 Tracks of the Week 03/13/12

In this weekly feature we’ll compile our top 10 most viewed pieces of new music from the week preceding. These can be anything from completely new songs to live versions of new songs to new remixes of slightly older songs to covers that have just surfaced. Stay up to date wit the week’s most talked about music and vote in our “Best of the Best” vote after our rundown.




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The Brooklyn haze-rockers of Dive have been churning out singles left and right, and are now working on their debut LP. To tide us over, they digitally released “Geist” this past week, further proof that they know how to write a dreamy and infectious hook. The bass and guitar riffs play off of each other hypnotically, and the whole thing is doused in a heavy dose of reverb. “Geist” unfolds into a rolling outro that builds from the energy from the first half, leaving you ready to hit play again after it ends.

– Jay Lancaster

MP3: Dive – “Geist”

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s / s / s

“Museum Day”


The annals of music history are littered with wonky one-offs from supergroups whose disparate styles didn’t quite mesh, but don’t count s / s / s among their ranks. The pairing of Anticon auteurs Serengeti and Son Lux with indie pop darling Sufjan Stevens is brimming with promise, if “Museum Day” is any indication. “Museum Day” marries Son Lux’s intricately layered, synth-laced sonics and Sufjan’s big band maximalism, adding earnest rap verses from Serengeti for a six-minute blowout not unlike the lengthy electronic workouts on Sufjan’s latest, The Age of Adz.

– Craig Jenkins

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“A New Name To Go By” (Feat. Lykke Li)

In case matters just weren’t Swedish enough for you, (Swedish) Grammy-winning act the Deportees brought in Lykke Li to share some wistful woe over some beautiful steel drums. Certainly one of the best tracks to pop up this past week, and — at the risk of sounding too bold — one of the prettier “just go ahead and vibe to it” songs released this year thus far.

– Chase McMullen

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Free Energy

“Electric Fever”


The ’70s fetishism of Free Energy was more than apparent on their 2010 debut. Les Pauls, long hair, big hooks, and Thin Lizzy-influenced guitar harmonies all made their presence felt on Stuck On Nothing and are continued here on “Electric Fever.” The hooks are bigger, the cheesy wah-wah guitar lines more in the foreground, and the solos more fuzzed out. It’s still nothing groundbreaking, but it’ll certainly leave a huge smile on your face.

– Colin Joyce

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Beach Fossils


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Beach Fossils most recent single, “Shallow” features a lightly pulsating intro, surfy guitar, and an overall chill vibe. Twinkly notes are suspended in hazy ether like bits of light sifted through a screen; these pretty, carrying riffs lend the song a backbone. Be sure to watch the newly released, surprisingly upbeat music video.

– Corinne Bagish

MP3: Beach Fossils – “Shallow”

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