Photo: Blake Stephens

Tomberlin wiles away the time in a loving haze on “Hours”

Tomberlin is releasing a new EP called Projections on October 16, which she co-produced with Alex G. Following the brilliant “Wasted” from a few weeks ago comes the opening track “Hours”, with Sarah Beth letting us in on the genesis by saying:

‘Hours’ is a song ruminating on time spent with someone who makes time spent doing nothing together feel meaningful. So many love songs are like ‘love me’ or ‘i love you’, but writing this I wasn’t sure what I was feeling or the other person’s feelings. I have a tendency to feel the need to explain myself before I’ve even been asked to. I think this song is me trying to do that in my head instead of with that person prematurely, even though I sent this song to them directly after I wrote it.

This time around, Tomberlin’s finger-picked guitar playing is more of a focus, simply but accurately sketching a little love bubble in which she and her beloved relax. Her generous voice and words do the rest of the work, making the intimacy of the situation ripe with adoration and desire. Brush-stick drums add some tension, subtle violins bring the romance, and “Hours” is firmly settled in one soft, gentle and infinite place of happiness.

Tomberlin’s new EP Projections comes out on October 16 through Saddle Creek. You can find her on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.