Them Airs hit the ground running on “Everett David”, from their upcoming EP

New Haven’s unsigned post-punk wunderkinds Them Airs caught like wildfire amongst the BPM staff this year with the stunning Union Suit XL, which they released back in January. It’s a fully formed mosaic of influences both legendary and contemporary, whose sound rekindles the feeling of discovering Wire or The Fall for the first time.

They’ve now revealed that they will be putting out a new EP, Doped Runner Verse, later this month, and lead single “Everett David” is a mouth-watering teaser. Opening on a chiming, instantly catchy, Cymbals Eat Guitars-esque guitar line, the song runs so seamlessly through different variations over its three and a half minutes that its lack of a verse/chorus/verse structure doesn’t register. It’s a statement track from a band whose creativity shows no signs of diminishing any time soon. Give it a listen below.

If you head over to Them Airs’ Bandcamp, you can purchase/stream “Everett David”, along with its drum’n’bass b-side “Famers Column”.

Them Airs’ new EP, Doped Runner Reverse, arrives in “late November.” You can follow the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.