So, at this point we can all agree to love The Weeknd on record, as he has three good to great mixtapes in the last year. But when will Abel Tesfaye get around to playing some live shows as The Weeknd? The answer appears to be sooner rather than later.

The Weeknd just posted the following note on Facebook:

The Weeknd is looking for a professional guitarist and bass player in or around the Toronto area to travel and perform live in concert. Those interested please send all information to:

Include: name, age, instrument, and a photograph if possible. Any additional youtube video footage, credentials, etc. of performer is welcome.

Serious inquiries only please.

Deadline is Sunday January 8, 2012

Based on the requirement to travel, we can assume a full tour in in the works. Based on the deadline being this weekend, it looks like The Weeknd is ready to get going sooner rather than later. And, we are happy to see he is not going the guy-with-laptop route and actually getting a full band together, as it is just more entertaining to see people interact on stage rather than just one dude singing. So, good luck if you are trying for these coveted positions, as there is unlikely to be a better party than being in this band.