Face it: in absence of a year-defining single of “Midnight City” proportions (as discussed here in our newly re-launched BPM Forum!), 2012 looks like it may go down as the year of Calling People, Maybe.

You’ve seen the webcam-shot video the Biebz and his gang of teen Disney stars (or whoever they are) lit the internet ablaze with. You’ve been involuntarily stuck with such lines as “And this is craaaazy” in your head. You’ve heard your peppy friends suggest making a copycat video of, like, you and your friends lip-syncing the same. You’ve agreed, not followed up on your flimsy, flimsy word, and subsequently watched the sometimes funny videos of more motivated and impressionable youngsters ask you to Call Them, Maybe.

Now, the game has changed. Behold the hardest working band in hip-hop, The Roots, sit down Jimmy Fallon and Carly Rae Jepsen herself to throw down an enormous, world-shaking remake of “Call Me Maybe”…on tiny, “classroom” instruments! To try and describe every bit of brilliance here would be futile. But Jepsen sounds good, The Roots are at once hilarious and consummately professional, and Fallon contributes too.

Maybe this will inspire the youth to dust off their recorders, triangles, and kazoos, and a fresh wave of unconventional “Call Me Maybe” covers will flood the YouTube. Probably not. Anyway, Share This, Definitely.