The Fiery Furnaces release first song in over a decade “Down at the So and So on Somewhere”

Indeed, you read that right. Both The Fiery Furnaces members have done plenty since their gentle split, with Eleanor in particular releasing acclaimed solo records, including 2018’s delightful, emotive and absurdly underrated Rebound.

Well, in lieu of their cancelled Pitchfork Music Festival performance, they’ve returned with “Down At The So And So On Somewhere”, and there is a 7″ coming out that features another new song called “The Fortune Teller’s Revenge”, being sold in support of Black Lives Matter (buy here). About “Down At The So And So On Somewhere” they say:

“‘Down at the So and So on Somewhere’ is a regretful song about having regrets. Now it seems even more sad than we thought it was back then: ‘Will you meet me,’ etc. Matthew was happy to use a Soviet drum machine. Eleanor was happy to play real drums.”

Check out the fruits of their return, and stay tuned for any further developments from the band’s uncertain future.

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