Photo: Trini Sin

talker is a recovering workaholic on “When It Starts”

LA artist talker (Celeste Tauchar) just unveiled her debut album I’m Telling You The Truth. One of the many highlights is “When It Starts”, which musically feels like you’re floating down the Niyodo River in Japan, without a care in the world. Lyrically, it’s the exact opposite: a song about being addicted to productivity.

The new album is aptly named because it includes a lot of revelations not found on talker’s previous three EPs: about growing up Mormon, her evolving sexuality, struggles with workaholic tendencies and much more.

The German philosopher Martin Heidegger coined the term “thrown condition”, which means that we are all essentially “thrown” into life circumstances we can’t control. Celeste was born in Germany, but grew up in northern California as a somewhat repressed Mormon. In some ways, her journey parallels that of the rock quartet The Aces, who likewise struggled with their Mormon upbringing.

The new talker album has the fierce courage of John Lennon, who found his true identity through music but noted that “you’re gonna carry that weight a long time.” Celeste Tauchar is finally free to celebrate her own path – and that’s a beautiful thing to behold.

The new album is talker’s finest – and most fearless – work to date. Her road hasn’t been easy, but these are eleven songs you’ll never forget.

Listen to “When It Starts” below, and find talker’s debut album I’m Telling You The Truth on your favorite streaming service.

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