Photo: Justin Brown

Syd shares her sultry anti-Valentine jam “Missing Out”

It’s been a few years since we heard from Syd in a solo guise, but we’re excited to sayh she’s back – although The Internet’s last album Hive Mind shouldn’t be overlooked. She returns today with a new song called “Missing Out”, which arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day this weekend.

Most of Syd’s music is perfect for soundtracking intimate moments, and while that remains true on “Missing Out”, the lyrics let us into something more complex at play. Her precision production is in place as always, with crystalline synths gliding over a crisp beat to create a heady atmosphere. Syd’s breathy vocal floats perfectly into the space, all coy and unassuming, but her words are coming from a place of longing and hurt; “tell me something babe, tell me it was worth it / I know I didn’t deserve it.” Despite the pain of their recent separation still stinging, Syd is having trouble ungluing herself, and the traces of attraction are audible in her provocative singing. “You’re missing out,” she teases, giving the song the crackle of a highly-charged attraction.

Listen to “Missing Out” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

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