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Steady Holiday shares tender breakup ballad “Can’t Find A Way”, announces new album

Steady Holiday, the project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dre Babinksi, veers effortlessly between candid confessions and shrewd character sketches. After writing through the lens of morally ambiguous individuals on the artful, glowering Nobody’s Watching, she cross-examined her own fragilities on the stirring sylvan pop of Take The Corner’s Gently.

Furthermore, Steady Holiday has a knack for extending her songs visually in stunning fashion. The video for new single “Can’t Find A Way” is no exception. It starts in a prosaic, living room setting. Babinski has her eyes sternly transfixed onto the camera, ready to give ‘the talk’; you know, that fateful, ‘I’m going to break up with you’-talk. The video takes on a surrealistic turn, as the house turns weightless like a balloon that’s been released into the open yonder.

“I wanted to make a video that was far less literal than the song itself, but externalized the same emotional core – that the world as I know it is suddenly disoriented,” Babinski says of the Isaac Ravishankara-directed video. “We brought to life the scene from the single’s artwork with fishing wire, blowdryers, and a platform that shifted to a 45 degree angle that the camera and table/chair was mounted to. I had to hold on for dear life.”

Despite the song’s Lennon-esque piano chords adding some sentimental punch, Babinski’s words tenderly navigate her own feelings: “It isn’t lost on me how hard you try / But I can’t find a way to fall in love with you”. Babinski: “Can’t Find A Way” is a song about letting go. The growing pains and loss, even when a decision is ultimately for the best. Still sucks.”

It’s the first glimpse of her upcoming album Newfound Oxygen, which comes out on February 17. For now check out “Can’t Find A Way” below, and on streaming outlets.

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