Stabscotch unleash technicolor terror on “Tunnel of Clowns”

The mysterious Pittsburgh outfit Stabscotch exploded my brain in 2017 with Uncanny Valley, a monstrous 100-minute torrent of desecrated, nihilistic art-punk propelled by the fury of its own momentum. They followed that up last year with the similarly twisted double EP set Twilight Dawn, described as a bridge between proper albums representing a transfiguration in the band’s sound.

Today, we get the first taste of the forthcoming Prison Jar, and, on “Tunnel of Clowns”, Stabscotch are certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing. Over a manic three and a half minutes, singer/bassist/mastermind Tyler Blensdorf shouts, shrieks, purrs, and snarls over an instrumental that pings between different rhythms and styles with the hyperactive abandon of a 100 gecs track. I guess you could call it hyperpunk? If you want? I’m not sure any fanciful label is capable of conveying the inexplicability of Stabscotch’s music.

But whatever. It doesn’t really matter; it’s the “Tunnel of Clowns”. Listen below.

“Tunnel of Clowns” is out today via Radio Angel Recordings. With more news about Prison Jar coming soon, make sure to follow Stabscotch on Facebook and Bandcamp.