After much struggle and delay, the free music-streaming service Spotify has announced they are finally coming to the United States. There isn’t much in the way of details. Pricing is still unknown, a release date hasn’t been set and we don’t know how many labels are actually on board for this.

But the company has been working tirelessly for a year now trying to get the Major Labels to get on board, so we have to imagine most of them signed off on this in order for them to think it was viable to finally launch in the U.S. Spotify is already taking emails for those interested in getting in on the program first. You can sign up here. Mashable is also reporting rumors that Spotify plans on merging the program with Facebook, which isn’t too unbelievable, given Mark Zuckerberg’s long interest in the program.

Regardless, this will have a big impact on the U.S. music market. And for all of us Yanks that have been jealous for years of our European brothers, we can finally rejoice in having access to this great service as well.