Philly oddballs Spirit of the Beehive are releasing their new album ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH on April 9, and following the lead single “There’s Nothing You Can’t Do” comes a second glimpse in the form of “The Server is Immersed”.

The lyrics focus on the monotony of Zack Schwartz’s day job, leading to horrific fantasies like “dread desires the weak and it’s all red sea above me”, with him trading lines with Rivka Ravede in such a light way that it disguises their darkness. However, the real highlight of “The Server is Immersed” is the way Spirit of the Beehive layer their analogue sounds; with a warm palette of synths that perfectly accentuates the droopy cartoon vocals, they create a pastel-coloured cloud of daydreaming beauty. Layering guitars and tape loops over this, they float us far away – although Schwartz can’t quite escape his gloom as he laments “anywhere that you go, they will find you.” Yet another beguiling bop from Spirit of the Beehive, “The Server is Immersed” might be their most signature and most accessible song yet.

Spirit Of The Beehive’s new album ENTERTAINMENT, DEATH arrives on April 9 through Saddle Creek – and if you pre-order from the label’s website or the band’s Bandcamp then a portion will go to the Amistad Law Project – otherwise pre-save it digitally here.

You can find Spirit Of The Beehive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.