“Riiiiiiight.” In a snazzy move, Jet Life crew member Smoke DZA released an EP, out of nowhere, yesterday. Gloriously titled Cuz I Felt Like It (with an even more epic cover, pictured above), DZA explains the effort’s genesis, “I was on Nah Right on Saturday scrolling thru being a fan, trying to see what’s going on in the music world. Young Roddy dropped a tape on Sunday and I got inspired and felt like rappin’. So I called my engineer Mat Cody up and told him to come to the trap. I rapped over some of my friends beats plus a few other tunes I thought was cool, hit 2 of my homies from Harlem, and put it out for free cuz I felt like it. #Rrrright.”

So there you have it, eight free tracks because DZA was feeling generous. Head over to his website for the download.

Equally exciting, however, was the announcement he gave to AllHipHop, regarding his new album Rugby Thompson: “[It’s] done. Well, 95 percent done, cause I’m waiting on one guest feature and I’ve never done music with this person before; but so far, the finished product is there.”

He also discussed the features, listing Curren$y, Domo Genesis, Meyhem Lauren and Action Bronson, also stating that Harry Fraud would be handling the entirety of the album’s production. DZA said to look out for the record’s lead single, “New Jack”, and that the album should release in the summer. That’s not long to wait, but we have this EP to enjoy in the meantime.