Photo: Alec Basse

Slow Pulp announce debut album with the introspective beauty “Idaho”

Slow Pulp are a band currently based in Chicago, who have been building up a head of steam in the last few years with the release of a couple of EPs and tours with the likes of Alex G. They’ve had their fair share of difficulty too, though; lead vocalist Emily Massey was diagnosed with Lyme disease and chronic Mono, before her parents were in a severe car accident – and this was all before COVID struck.

They’ve persevered though, and this week have announced their debut album Moveys for release on October 9 through Winspear. With the announcement, Slow Pulp have shared “Idaho”, the album’s lead single .

“Idaho” is a road-inspired jam, describing the disorientation that can come from spending a lot of time on the road (and led the band to show up in Idaho when they were supposed to be in Colorado). Slow Pulp take us into their van, where tired minds are silent, lost in their own thoughts, the soft shoegaze-inflected backing perfectly capturing that strange liminal feeling. The weariness also comes across in Massey’s fluttering voice, which rides atop the turbulent waves of dreamy guitars and drums, just pushing on through, slowly but surely getting to the desired destination, where blissful rest awaits.

Slow Pulp’s debut album Moveys is coming out on October 9 through Winspear. You can find the band on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.