Photo: Travis Barton

Saint Jude weaves through a cloud of confusion on the entrancing “Alright, All Tied”

London songwriter Saint Jude has returned with a new single called “Alright, All Tied”, which perfectly accentuates the cold winter nights that are setting in. On the track, he says:

“This song was written as a way to get myself out of a period of writers block last year. In this song I wanted to engage with my feelings of uncertainty that were holding me back from writing. 

“I was struggling with writing about specifics – I couldn’t seem to engage with subject matter in the right kind of way, so with this track I tried to write something non-specific, that people could project their own narrative onto, but still engages with the feelings of uncertainty and frustration that I was feeling at the time.

“I tried a lot of exercises to help me out of that creative block, and this song was the only one that was successful. Through making this song I felt like I reconnected with something, and it got me back into the flow of creating again, and I was able to finish the album that I was working on.”

“Alright, All Tied” flows with a natural beauty, the guitar and shuffling drums coupling together like a cloud of breath exhaled into the cold air that hovers for an infinite moment. Despite the fluidity of the instrumentation, Saint Jude’s frustration and disappointment is ripe in the lyrics, where he offers short but poignant lines about his mental state. “I can see / All I need / All I fear / All too clear, it’s all in white,” he laments, succinctly but pointedly putting words to that heavy feeling of knowing exactly what you want – but not having the energy or inspiration to get it. “Alright, All Tied” doesn’t try to offer hope or solutions, it just meditates on this feeling for a few beautiful minutes, honouring it as a difficult but vital part of the human experience.

Check out “Alright, All Tied” below or on streaming platforms.

“Alright, All Tied” is out on Slow Dance. You can find Saint Jude on Facebook and Instagram.