Photo: Natalie Piserchio

Sad13 teams with a host of comedians in screencast horror video for “Hysterical”

Barely three weeks ago Sad13 dropped off a hilarious video for “Oops…!” for us to enjoy, but if anyone knows the importance of Consistent Content in this day and age it’s Sadie Dupuis. Today she’s shared another single from her upcoming album Haunted Painting called “Hysterical”, which she has revealed is about “unfunny comedians [who] love to argue that ‘PC culture’ destroys comedy.”

Appropriately enough, she’s created a video featuring comedians Kate Banford, Jamie Loftus, Mitra Jouhari and Demi Adejuyigbe that all takes place on her screen, flitting between different social platforms. The song itself is also a blast, with her melodic one-word hook likely to dig itself right into your ear canals – not to mention the excellent layering of xylophones amidst the zippy pop-rock production.

Check out “Hysterical” below.

Sad13’s Haunted Painting is coming out on September 25 via Wax Nine. You can follow Sadie Dupuis on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Bandcamp.