RIP One Thirty BPM…

After three years, One Thirty BPM is officially changing its name to Beats Per Minute. For those of you that have been with us since we first started this site, you probably know the name One Thirty BPM was in reference to a of Montreal song lyric from the song “Suffer for Fashion.” Like many of you, we’re very fond and attached to the name. But, ultimately, it made more sense to go to the more clean Beats Per Minute name for a variety of reasons. One issue we’ve had is people forgetting the name of the site (due to the “one thirty”). More often than not, we’ve had people ask us: “What number was it again? One twenty? One forty? ” Another aspect that has led us to this decision, is a lot of our readers (and even our own staff) refer to the site as BPM. So it just made sense to switch to the Beats Per Minute name, as it’s become the name many have chosen to use anyway. And hell, the name just sounds awesome.

With this name change, also comes a new site design and URL: But don’t worry, we will always own the URL and all old articles and links will convert over to the new URL. As far as the new design is concerned, that is coming at the end of January, and will feature an overhaul of the homepage, as well as implement some new features that will provide our readers with the best experience out there.

We know you have a myriad of options when it comes to consuming music news and reviews on the web, and yet, here you are on our humble site. Consider this our gigantic thank you for every visit, comment, tweet, “like,” or kind word you’ve ever said about us. 2011 was an amazing year for us, but without each and every one of you readers it would have never been possible.

And with your continued support, we are hoping to make 2012 our best year yet. Thanks to new partnerships and readers like you, we were able to produce one of our first pieces of original content in 2011. Studio Lurk, featuring Cymbals Eat Guitars, was a huge success. But it’s only the beginning of what will soon become a recurring feature on the site, along with the continuation of some of our other new and unique content like Discussions, Versus and our Seasonal Soundtracks. It’s these sort of projects, along with even more planned for 2012, that continue to help set BPM apart and make it a continued destination for dedicated readers.

But, aside from our differentiating content, even our day-to-day focus has greatly grown in our few short years in the business and will continue to do so. It has become our mission to truly provide readers with all the news and media coverage you could ever desire. With our expanded staff of great writers and editors, we hope to also be able to provide not only our best, but also our most consistent and expansive reviews content throughout the year.

Here’s to 2012 at Beats Per Minute!

-The Beats Per Minute Staff

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