Photo: Luis Kramer

Regressive Left deliver the cynical electro smash “Cream Militia”

Amidst the veritable deluge of art-rock/punk acts currently emerging from the UK, Regressive Left have managed to stand out thanks to their unpredictability, weaving their cutting missives into addictive jams. That continues on today’s new offering, “Cream Militia”, which is only their third single but already shows evolution.

A song that bounces forward on pogoing pillars of synth, “Cream Militia” offers space for Regressive Left to show off both their musical and lyrical idiosyncrasies. “You stay in your lane / And I’ll stay in my lane / And no one has to complain about / The cream militia,” Simon Tyrie offers in his David Byrne 2.0 vocal style, leaving us unsure what exactly a “Cream Militia” is, but in no doubt that it’s something pernicious. This becomes even more clear as Regressive Left start to pile on the tones, both tense and teasing, which somehow simultaneously add to the song’s ghoulishness – and it’s undeniable danceability. By the time “Cream Militia” reaches its bonkers and bouncing finale, ripe with synths and beats, Regressive Left seem to offer a protest version of Hot Chip; as if they stripped away all that act’s loveable dadness and replaced it with dissatisfied youthful cynicism. And you know what? It works.

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