It’s safe to say that we at One Thirty BPM are losing our minds over this new Radiohead album announcement. And it seems fans are as well. After the good sleuthing of Radiohead fans looking for more info, it was discovered that the The King of Limbs site also had a Japanese version of the site not yet live. On the map “South East Asia” just loads back to the main site when you click it. If you right click the map and “copy the link”, it takes you to:

Someone on the Coachella Forum discovered that on the Japanese portion of the site for pre-ordering the new album, it lists some info about the album that wasn’t included on the American/European version of the site, including it being 8 tracks long, and DRM free. Here is a picture of it:

Of course, the page is translated from the Japanese characters to English (hence the font looking weird). But we can confirm the page above is apart of the main site. So whether it’s a typo or mis-translation, is still up in the air. But it looks more than likely that album WILL in fact be 8 tracks long. Either way, we’ll know sooner than later if this is in fact true.


The Japanese portion of the site has now changed the “8 Tracks” bit to “The King of Limbs” – which matches up with the US/European version of the site. Maybe this means it was a mistake, or they didn’t want people knowing how many tracks were going to be on the album. Who knows. Either way, we’ll find out this Saturday!

Thanks to Matthew Lingo for the tip.