Radiohead have been known to surprise fans. Whether it be the unexpected announcement of In Rainbows back in 2007 with the “pay what you want” model, or the unexpected Atoms for Peace tour playing The Eraser front to back.

They have done it again. Fresh off Arcade Fire’s win at the Grammys, Radiohead announced at 3 A.M. not only the albums title, The King of Limbs, but also that it’s coming out this Saturday! Yep, the follow up to In Rainbows will be available for download on Saturday, February 19th. Five days from now!

Here are the details of the pre-sale from the site:

You can pre-order the album HERE

UPDATE: The King of Limbs is supposedly 8 tracks long. The info was found on the Japanese King of Limbs site. Check it out here or in the screenshot below.