In a November 10th interview with Rolling Stone Italy, guitarist Jonny Greenwood apparently confirmed that the band is “almost finished” with the new album, and that a “huge tour” will follow. Additional sources such as Paste, Consequence of Sound, and At Ease have followed up on this story. However, just moments ago, Jonny Greenwood posted the following to the newly designed Radiohead site/blog —

I think this italian writer (referred to here) has, either through over-enthusiasm, or frustration at all my non-committal answers, mistranslated me a little….in fact we haven’t quite finished the album – in the studio at the moment – nor have we yet considered any touring. The plan is to have no plan until the record is finished….hope that’s a little clearer!

Greenwood did not comment on the rest of the translation, which revealed that the new album may have “10 tracks, maybe some more” and that the band is still undecided on the form of release.

So when will Radiohead’s LP8 see the light of day? Our bet is early 2011. Check back for further updates on this highly anticipated release.