Pink Oculus seeks comfort in wordlessness and remoteness on “Water” and “Away”

Planet AiRich

Dutch-Surinamese artist and producer Pink Oculus first made her mark with the EP Delicious, and ever since her music has branched as far as the outer fringes of electronic music to the more palatable pop territories. At last year’s Le Guess Who? festival she introduced her album project Before Wisdom with a towering performance enhanced by the interactive light installations of Boris Acket.

Pink Oculus, whose real name is Esperanza Denswil, has now released two stunning retro-futuristic visualizers for double lead singles “WATER” and “AWAY”. The former is a spectacular, serpentine wickerwork of organic and synthetic percussion. “I melt with each notice, of wordlessness within”, Denswil sings, almost as like a memento to herself.

Watch the video for “WATER” below.

“AWAY”, meanwhile, shows a more abrasive, militant side to Pink Oculus, powering through inner turmoil with its glitchy, clattering pace. Her digitised effigy struts with a samurai sword on some exotic, empty planet, no longer letting fear dictate action.  “On (‘AWAY’)I have abandoned the split mindset. I have recovered,” she comments. “I am whole again. I am myself again. Along the way I ask myself: where have I ended up?”

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