Photo: Balarama Heller

Pinegrove are restless on the galloping “Alaska”, announce new album

Pinegrove will release a new album called 11:11 on January 28 through Rough Trade. Speaking on the album, singer Evan Stephens Hall says:

“Calling the record 11:11 should be a heartening statement, though there’s certainly a range of emotion across the album. There’s much to be angry about right now, and a lot of grief to metabolize. But hopefully, the loudest notes are of unity, collectivity, and community. I want to open a space for people to feel all these things.”

That sense of mixed emotions is present in lead single “Alaska”, which finds Hall and co rocking through two minutes of travel, the singer describing jetting from Alaska to Florida and more. In the mix are feelings of frustration, tiredness and disorientation, but not without some thankfulness – and surely much more to be uncovered on repeat listens.

Take a listen to “Alaska” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Pinegrove’s new album 11:11 will be out on January 28 through Rough Trade (pre-order/save). You can find Pinegrove on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.