Goblin is easily the most hyped/anticipated album of 2011. Regardless of how you feel about the polarizing sophomore album from OFWGKTA leader Tyler, The Creator – the packaging is excellent. Thematically, the packaging doesn’t reflect too much on the fictional narrative aspects of the album, but instead contains pictures of Tyler hanging out with friends and family. Similar to a family photo book album – the pictures capture the moments Tyler and his friends shared in the process of getting to this release. Of course, just like the album, how much you care about this is dependent on how much you care about Tyler. And just like Goblin, the album’s packaging is very personal.

The Deluxe Edition includes a second disc that has the excellent bonus tracks “Hamburger,” “Untitled 63,” and “Steak Sauce.” Another nice touch is the fold out poster, which contains the lyrics on one side, and a picture of Tyler on his skateboard on the other. The lyric book is filled with those pictures mentioned above, and overall the package feels very full. They did a really great job delivering a package that is worth your money.


OFWGKTA fans will buy this regardless. However, whether you are a huge fan or not, enough care and thought went into this packaging that it is definitely worth the purchase.