Mike Kinsella has been quite busy recently with the resurgence of American Football, but today he’s announced that he’s got a new record from his solo project Owen in store for us. The new album is called The Avalanche and comes out on June 19, and today you can listen to the lead single from it, “A New Muse”.

There are certainly hallmarks of the kind of autumnal emo that Kinsella is known for in “A New Muse”, but there’s a dynamism in the twinkling and gliding production that separates it. Approaching topics of self-reflection and the difficulties of idleness, “A New Muse” seems to be where Kinsella has channelled his frustrations and, ultimately, Owen’s new track takes his disheartened soul and turns it into something beautiful and subtly uplifting.

The Avalanche by Owen comes out on June 19 through Polyvinyl/Big Scary Monsters. Follow Kinsella on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.