Welcome to Studio Lurk, One Thirty BPM’s first original video content! Studio Lurk is a project in which we invite some of our favorite bands in to perform in a world class recording studio and film it all with top of the range equipment, to bring you the highest quality studio session in both audio and video quality. Simple really.

For our first session we got in long time friends of One Thirty BPM Cymbals Eat Guitars. CEG are in the process of touring in support of their new album Lenses Alien and stopped by the studio in Santa Ana, California between dates in the Los Angeles area, to kindly grant us an interview and melt our faces with a couple of new tracks. Check out part 1 below.

Part 1: Cymbals Eat Guitars – “Keep Me Waiting”

Produced by Max Ritter & his Blood Brothers
Executive Producer: Evan Kaloudis
Co-Produced by Neil Goss
Sound Engineer: Cameron Webb
Director of Photography: Neil Goss
Editor: Justin Smith
Camera Operators: Neil Goss, Eldrich Legaspi, Max Ritter
Graphics: Nick Zegel
Interview: Rob Hakimian, Philip Cosores

Part 2 coming soon…