Duke Garwood

London-based multi-instrumentalist Duke Garwood is set to release a new collaborative album with Mark Lanegan on May 14th via Ipecac recordings.  Black Pudding marks the first time these two artists have worked together and according to Lanegan, working with Garwood was “one of the best experiences of his recording life.”  He also described Garwood as “one of his all time  favorite artists.”  This borderline hero worship is quite evident on the record, as Lanegan quietly and respectfully defers to Garwood’s years of experience and finely honed techniques.  But Lanegan isn’t the only one who cherishes the assistance that only Garwood can give.  Recently, he played clarinet (?!?) on the recent Savages record Silence Yourself.  He has also provided backing instrumentation for other artists such as Archie Bronson Outfit, Wooden Wand, and The Orb–while also having shared a stage with bands like Wire, Richard Bishop, and Kurt Vile.

Garwood recently took some time from his busy schedule to briefly speak with Beats Per Minute about a few of his favorite records.  Ranging from the exotic vocal stylings of singer Yma Sumac to the proto-electronic rock of Can and on up to the rock thrash of Part Chimp.  As much an amalgamation of his influences as he is brazenly pushing through genres at will, Garwood’s ability to pull together these superficially disparate influences is what makes him such an interesting character, both for fans and for fellow musicians.  Check out his decriptions of these records below in the latest installment of our On Deck series.

Can - The Lost Tapes 1968-1975
Can – The Lost Tapes 1968-1975

Awesome. Hypnotic. Enough rhythmic information to begin a new civilisation.

Yma Sumac - Legend of the Sun Virgin
Yma Sumac – Legend of the Sun Virgin

Yma makes me feel alive, I am totally in love with her. The greatest singer and shaman to be recorded in this time curve.

Part Chimp - Thriller
Part Chimp – Thriller

Get new speakers in the boot of your motor for this one. Play loud enough to make trouble. Smash your brain in and swim in beautiful boiling lava with the mighty Chimp.

Duke Garwood and Mark Lanegan’s new record Black Pudding is due out May 14th via  Ipecac Recordings.