Arrica Rose

Arrica Rose & the …’s (pronounced “the dots”) create a refreshingly original and unexpectedly contemporary take on California folk-pop.  Incorporating blissed-out harmonies, strings, keyboards, and numerous pop accents, the band and each of their consecutive releases further refines and explores these particular sounds.  Having just released their latest collection of songs, the 6 track Lucky EP, the band has been out on the road in support of the record. Recently Arrica Rose took some time to discuss some of her favorite records with Beats Per Minute, and from her choices, the development of her own musical aesthetic through her influences is fairly clear.  And though she’s not tied down by any specific genre or trend, her music can be seen as the adaptations of someone who wanders through sounds without regard for boundaries or presupposed limitations. The rustic country soul roots in her sound can be seem as the logical extension of her adoration of Dusty Springfield and her seminal record Dusty In Memphis, while the more introspective side of her music can be heard in the bedroom confessions of Elliott Smith.  Her choices of the pure pop bliss of Big Star and densely layered instrumentation on Television’s Marquee Moon all give interesting insight into her formative musical years.  Check out out her full list below in the latest installment of our On Deck series.

Elliott Smith - Either Or
Elliott Smith – Either/Or

I got my first Elliott Smith record when I was in high school. What I remember most was the first time I put it on a friend pointed out how strange it was to hear someone with a “pretty whispery voice cuss in a song.” I hadn’t even noticed. I was wrapped up in the melodies. Either/Or is a particular favorite for me in terms of songs, the stripped down intimacy of it, and the recording quality as well. I also appreciate that the slow songs break your heart and and the uptempo ones have this catchy classic pop feel coupled with those incredibly dark lyrics that you might not notice on first listen.

Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis
Dusty Springfield – Dusty in Memphis

Dusty Springfield could be heard often in my house while I was growing up. My folks were big on the classics. At first I was drawn to the uniqueness of her voice, its strength and sensitivity, the prettiness of it coupled with that world-weary quality. I also grew to love the diversity of the albums soulful instrumentation and those often grand orchestral arrangements.

Big Star - #1 Record
Big Star – #1 Record

Some of my favorite pop songs of all time are on this record. I also love the harmonies, the instrumentation and that part Beatles, part Rolling Stones, part Byrds quality of it. Every song has a memorable melody and I get lost in choosing a favorite track. I’ll often put this album on repeat and have it be the soundtrack to my day. It’s almost like an audio security blanket for me.

Television - Marquee Moon
Television – Marquee Moon

I was introduced to Television when someone asked me if I was influenced by them when I was first starting out playing in a band. I was big into punk at the time but had not yet stumbled upon Television. It was one those records that became an instant favorite of mine. I adored the songs and the production. I was hooked on the stark intertwining guitar lines of Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd as well as Verlaine’s distinct pained and passionate vocals.

Calexico - The Black Light
Calexico – The Black Light

I tend to be drawn to music that mixes genres. I really enjoy it as an evolution in sound. Calexico is at the top of my list of bands that have mastered that art. I love their unique combination of traditional Latin sounds, country, 50’s-60’s jazz and then there’s that Ennio Morricone Spaghetti Western influence which I’m a huge fan of as well. I also appreciate that Joey Burns and John Convertino make music to dance to and music to be sad to equally as well. One of my best friends loaned me The Black Light while we were traveling together and I was soon to own my own copy as well as the rest of Calexico’s extensive discography.

Arrica Rose & the …s’ latest release Lucky is now available via pOprOck Records.