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Neighbours Burning Neighbours announce debut album, share their scorching setlist closer “Familiar Place”

Rotterdam noise-pop mutineers Neighbours Burning Neighbours announced their debut LP, titled Burning Neighbours, with “Familiar Place”. Appointed the band’s frenzied setlist closer, the song is a smoldering furnace engine of cauterised feedback, infernal guitar deluges and shouty vocal skirmishes. Alicia Breton Ferrer and Daanie van den IJssel interlock their instruments like two pairs of thorny antlers, as a cavernous landscape is burrowed by Kat Kalkman’s quaking bass and Aram Scheeve’s tightly stretched, marching groove.

Vocalists Breton Ferrer and Van den IJssel frolic around a whirlpool of conflicting moods – first with acerbic detachment, yet gradually, the desperation in their delivery sets in, as the music goes utterly nuclear. “We’re back from where we came from/Oh no/Don’t tell me it’s over/It’s over”.

This is the work a potent band coercing noise and fraught into something peculiarly harmonic and formidable. Burning Neighbours will be out this September, making that particular month a pretty packed occasion for the Rotterdam punk scene. Post-punk titans Tramhaus are also set to release their long-awaited debut The First Exit. Both bands will play Amsterdam’s Paradiso on October 2nd, alongside Texoprint, another burgeoning demolition crew from the Dutch port city.

The exact release date for Burning Neighbours, which will come out via Subroutine Records has yet to be announced. In the meantime, feast your ears to “Familiar Place” below.

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