English songwriter Nadine Shah has shared a new track called “Trad”, the second glimpse of her upcoming album Kitchen Sink, which is being released on June 5 via Infectious Music.

Shah has never been afraid to speak her mind about political and social issues, either earnestly or with irony, and “Trad” definitely plays on the latter. The trend of “trad wives” – housewives willing to be subservient to their husband – has made an unlikely recurrence recently, and that seems to be the persona Shah is taking on in this song. Even as she succumbs to all of her beloved’s desires in the verses there is an undertone of hostility, and when it comes to the chorus it’s genuinely seething. Shah just about keeps her true feelings under wraps though, and as the synths rise around her while jazz-drums scuttle beneath, and it all adds up to a grippingly tense and compelling track.

Listen to “Trad” below.

Look out for Nadine Shah’s new album Kitchen Sink on June 5.