I’m not usually the type to immediately fall head-over-heels for super catchy pop hooks, but when I heard Sleep Good for the first time this weekend, that is exactly what happened. Will Patterson’s new album Skyclimber is his first effort featuring a full band, recorded during his spare time while attending college.

But a band can only sustain itself on campy pop music for so long, and what Patterson is able to achieve throughout this 15 track album is incredible, a blend of both “chillwave” nostalgia along with powerful instrumental arrangement. The attention to detail, considering Skyclimber wasn’t mixed on a computer, is incredible. Each song is unique to the album, all the while maintaining a strict focus that makes playing the whole album front to back an enjoyable experience.

MP3: Sleep Good – “Hey Man”

The first track on the album, “Hey Man,” is a pretty good litmus test for Skyclimber. You’ve got your simple percussion backing, ukulele, and Patterson’s vocals that jump off the track and sound perfectly at ease. There isn’t an album I could recommend more for the summer. You can stream the entire album or download it now for five bucks, and also pre-order the vinyl due out on August 24th.

Stream: Sleep Good – Skyclimber