Photo: Bob Sweeney

Moor Mother calls us to focus on “Shekere” with lojii

It was only two weeks ago that Moor Mother announced her new album with the thickly atmospheric “Obsidian”, but she’s back again today with a new song called “Shekere”, bringing Philly rapper lojii along with her.

“Shekere” is the name of an African drum, and the song finds Moor Mother espousing on her self determination while building on the foundations of her forebears. “Gather in a circle” she ushers us in, then in her cutting flow shifts through images like a shark fin in choppy waters, a spectral cornet adding ghostly hues in the background. lojii hops in and matches the tone and timbre, his voice almost camouflaged against the greyscale backing – but ready to jump out at you with many elemental and evocative lines.

Listen to “Shekere” below or on streaming platforms.

Moor Mother’s new album Black Encyclopedia of the Air is out on September 17 through Anti- (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.