Photo: Nina Raj

Mini Trees gazes into the future of a long-term relationship on the stirring “Spring”

Mini Trees aka LA-based songwriter Lexi Vega, has announced her signing to bastion of great taste Run For Cover, who will release her debut album later this year. Ahead of that, she’s celebrating the news by sharing a new song called “Spring”. She says:

“’Spring’ is meant to be somewhat of a lighthearted love song about growing old with someone. It confesses contrasting feelings of both fear and security that come with being vulnerable and fully known by another person. The underlying message is one of hopefulness though, resolving with the choice to believe this person will remain a constant in my life despite the changing nature of everything else.”

With dreamy guitars and lightly propulsive beats, Mini Trees presents a perfect soundscape for pontificating about the future and all the hopes and fears that come with it. “Spring” is a gorgeous indie pop song that resonates with anyone who’s been kept up at night with unanswerable questions about what’s in store for them and their partner; the joy, the security – the possibility of loss. Mini Trees captures this all in the perfect little moment of the chorus: “So tell me when you fall asleep, are you still next to me?” Heading into the blustering finale, she declares her devotion in no uncertain terms “In a state of complaining, but I’ll love you til the last spring / And let it wash away with the rain till it’s all but drowned,” turning this quiet song into something elemental and hugely heart-rending.

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