Songwriter Matt Costa has been putting out music for a long time now, but there is a feeling he is still growing as an artist with each new release. That looks set to continue with his next record, Yellow Coat, which he announces today for a September 11 release. He’s given us a first glimpse of the new album with a song called “Jet Black Lake”.

The opening of “Jet Black Lake” immediately sets us in a hyper-romantic, novelistic world, with swaying guitar and ripe strings setting the scene for the iconic first image: “When I first met you swimming in a jet black lake / when I first met you, you were the swan.” Costa continues to adorn “Jet Black Lake” with poetic imagery that is given flight by the carefully-constructed arrangements and his voice, which tip a hat to classic soul. By the end of “Jet Black Lake”, you’ll feel as though you’re waking from a vivid and beautiful dream, but with a new sense of fulfilment that will stay in your heart.

Matt Costa’s new album Yellow Coat comes out through Dangerbird Records on September 11. Keep up with him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.