If you head over Matador Record’s Matablog, you’ll find news concerning the 2013 edition of Singles Going Home Alone, a monthly 7″ series with new material by Superchunk, Royal Headache, and others.  Pre-order the series here. Your costs for “the 13-disc +  MYSTERIOUS carrying case 2013 subscription will be $85 inclusive of shipping (12 X $5 plus $25 shipping)”.

Wrapping up the 2012 edition with a 7″ of new material from Kurt Vile and Meg Baird, Matador has compiled an impressive slate in regards to this past years singles club.   If you were fortunate enough to subscribe for the 2012 series, you found yourself with exclusive new songs from Jesu, The Men, and Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks (among others).

Make sure to head over to the Matador Records website and get your subscription before they sale out.  Only 750 will be made available.  And as you can see from the picture of the 2012 series above and with thoughts of untold musical goodies heading our way in 2013, there is plenty to get excited about.