Photo: Rachael Pony Cassells

Mary Lattimore ushers us into a peaceful clearing with “Pine Trees”

Harpist Mary Lattimore recently announced that she’ll be releasing a new album called Silver Ladders on October 9, and following the lead single “Sometimes He’s In My Dreams” she’s today shared the opening track “Pine Trees”. The new album was recorded in Cornwall with Slowdive’s Neil Halstead, and Lattimore credits him with how the new song came out, saying:

Pine Trees is named after a quiet cluster of trees by the sea on the island of Hvar in Croatia. This song was created in Los Angeles at home, but crystallized in the studio with Neil’s help, where he took away layers of the demo that felt unnecessary, bringing out other layers to the front that had been hidden. This song feels like a testament to his producing in that, through more objective listening, a subtler light could shine through that I hadn’t seen in it before.”

Lattimore’s harp playing is minimal and measured on “Pine Trees”, mirroring the light tread of someone approaching the arboreal space that inspired the song. Subtle layers of synth and more harp whisper about, like a breeze through the branches, and before long “Pine Trees” has fully transplanted you to your own favourite leafy space. It’s only three minutes, but “Pine Trees” is pure magic, leaving you feeling peaceful and unburdened.

“Pine Trees” can be heard on streaming platforms or via the embed below.

Mary Lattimore’s new album Silver Ladders comes out on October 9 through Ghostly International. Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Bandcamp.