Photo: Alice Kunisue

Lou Hayter shares a chic summer sizzler in “Telephone”

It’s been a long build from last year’s singles “My Baby Just Cares For Me” and “Private Sunshine”, but Lou Hayter is now approach the release of her debut solo album next month. Ahead of hearing Private Sunshine in full, she’s shared another new song from it called “Telephone”. She says:

“I started making pop tunes in hip hop kind of way by sampling and looping and then it opened up a whole new world of making music for me. Telephone is one of the first ones I made like this. I love the vibe it has, it’s a nice laid back summery tune. The sax solo was the cherry on top.” 

The hip-hop influence is evident from the off, as Hayter has created a song that rides on a slowly bumping bassline and incorporates intriguing samples of telephonic blips. “Telephone” veers towards Hayter’s signature sultriness, aided by the sashaying rhythm guitar, as she locks eyes in the chorus and admits “you’ve got just what I’ve been looking for / come back baby, I’ll give you the best and more.” She doesn’t need to say much more than that, because “Telephone” is an alluring slice of retro pop updated for the modern day with pristine production choices, giving it an irresistible air of blissful summer days. If there’s anyone on the fence, the sax solo that winds its way through the song will drag you right into the deep end of desire.

Find “Telephone” below or on your preferred streaming platform.

Lou Hayter’s Private Sunshine comes out on May 28 via BMG/Skint (pre-order/save). You can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.